There are a few types of keys:

Quest Item Keys Edit

One example of a quest item key would be the Defias Gunpowder required for the cannon near the end of the Deadmines. It is picked up and consumed each dungeon run. It is not exactly a quest item, but it is the only way to open the cannon, it is consumed there, and it cannot be used anywhere else.

Another example would be the Drakefire Amulet, commonly referred to as the "Onyxia Key" or "Ony Key". It is required to gain access to Onyxia's Lair. The method to obtain the amulet varies between the Alliance and the Horde. See Drakefire Amulet for details on how to obtain it.

Keyring Edit

Patch v1.11 added a "bag" called a Keyring. It is an expandable bag that can store various types of keys, reducing the number of backpack and vault slots filled with these re-usable items. Dungeon keys (like the Scarlet Key) and Blacksmithing keys (such as Titanium Skeleton Key) may also be stored in the keyring.

Lock Picking Edit

A Rogue with enough skill in the ability Pick Lock can open most of the locked containers or doors that require keys, the the exception of a few high level dungeon doors.

Other Resources Edit

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