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It was rumored that there would be 5-6 expansions to the world of Azeroth, mentioned in an interview by a leading person within Blizzard ("We have made concepts for this expansion, and we already have enough ideas for 5-6 more"). In addition, in December 2006, Nethaera stated on the forums,[1] when asked whether there would be another expansion after The Burning Crusade, "Yes, we are working on plans. No, I can't tell you what they are, how far they are or what timeline we are looking at. Sorry. :("

Below are ideas by users where future World of Warcraft expansions could possibly visit after World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, the latest official expansion. The following are undeveloped regions that have enough content for an expansion pack. These ideas are grouped geographically:

General expansion ideasEdit

The Emerald Dream Edit

  • Related areas: Emerald Dream, Emerald Paradise, Emerald Nightmare, lesser, unfinished Emerald Dreams.
  • Possible new hero classes: dragonsworn, spirit walker.
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Children of Cenarius, sprite, furbolg, treant, dryad and satyr.
  • Related opposing forces: The Nightmare, Druids of the Nightmare, and the Old God behind it.
  • Nethaera says: "As for the Emerald Dream, there are no plans for anything as of yet but it is a consideration for the future. The Emerald Dream opens up a lot of different opportunities and the Burning Crusade is definitely not going to be the last of the expansion packs. There are many different places and storylines that can be pursued. The story is going to keep growing and as it does so, people will get to experience it."
  • Possible extra stuff: Spirit mounts you can use while corpse running, portals and/or shortcuts to several places in the world. Lore states that powerful druids can obtain supernatural abilities in the Dream, unknown if playable druids are powerful enough.
  • Although not officially announced, Emerald Dream is planned for release after Wrath of the Lich King.


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The Great Sea Edit


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Old Gods Edit


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The Elemental Plane Edit


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Great Dark Edit


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Pandaria and Pandaren SettlementEdit


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Ancient Kalimdor (War of the Ancients) Edit

Old Azeroth (First/Second War) Edit


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Argus Edit

Twisting Nether Edit

  • Related areas: Other parts of former Draenor, because it is said that Draenor was much larger than Azeroth, so it is probable that Outland is not the only inhabited part. And maybe portals to other worlds that Illidan sealed.
  • Related opposing forces: Burning Legion, The Void, maybe some new currently unknown faction. Gul'dan's surviving death knights.
  • Related playable races: Broken, arakkoa, and ethereal.

Miscellaneous ideas Edit

General user ideas Edit

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