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Disease is a dispel type that can be inflicted by some bosses and mobs. They exist both as debuffs and, in rare cases, as buffs. Disease debuffs tend to inflict various negative effects to attributes as well as Damage over time, and tend to be long-lasting effects (normally between 5 and 30 minutes). Mobs that cause disease are usually only those with some indicating word in their name, like "diseased", "rabid", or "tainted". Many undead creatures cause disease.

See Category:Disease debuffs.

List of diseases applied by playersEdit

Currently, death knights, druids, and priests are the only classes which can apply diseases.

Death knights



Death knights notably also have an ability called Pestilence that spreads diseases on their target to surrounding targets, including diseases from other players. There is also Gift of Arthas, a Guardian Elixir which gives the imbiber a chance to inflict a disease on the target.

List of disease-removing abilitiesEdit

Diseases are curable by many methods, including class spells, talents and items. Of the healing classes, druids are the only class that cannot cure disease.






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