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Corpse gravestone 20x20.png

A corpse is an inanimate, dead body. Corpses of dead player characters turn to bones after they resurrect. Corpses of mobs remain for a time, but eventually decay and disappear. If a corpse of a mob is skinned, the corpse disappears instantly after looting the leather or hides. The body would also disappear if herbed or mined and the resulting herb or ore is looted.

On the mini map or world map, a gravestone/tombstone (Corpse gravestone 20x20.png) will show the location of your corpse. On the outer ring of the mini map, a gold-red indicator arrow (CorpseMinimapArrow up 16x16.png) will point the way to your corpse if it is not visible on the mini map.

In WoW, players can find NPC corpses, usually during quests.